What To Expect

What can I expect when I first visit City on a Hill?

We are a baby church. We are literally just getting started. For that reason, we do not have our own location or a ton of equipment at the moment. With that being said, we are in a process and do not plan on staying in our current context for long. What we do have is a bible and a message and a mission, and we feel that is a great place to start.

What about my kids, is there something offered for my children?

Yes there is. We actually have a great hangout spot for our kids. 180 gym provides us with an excellent environment for younger children and a separate meeting room for children four years and up.  It is safe, clean and very child friendly. In addition to this, we have several volunteers who are excited to serve your children and tell them about Jesus.

What is the dress like?

We want you to be comfortable and those around you to be comfortable as well. You will see lots of jeans, t-shirts, polos and casual attire. As you know it gets hot in south Georgia so we want you to be comfortable.

Is coffee provided on Sunday mornings?

You better believe it. We have a full coffee cafe on Sunday mornings with a couple different types of varied coffees for you coffee buffs out there. We also have a couple of snacks and energy drinks available in the mornings as well for those college students who are not quite used to getting up before noon. We invite you to grab your coffee and strike up a conversation, we think you will enjoy your experience with us.

What is the music like?

Like I mentioned above, we are a baby church just getting started. We are currently singing songs to Jesus with a couple of guitars. The music you hear at City on a Hill will eventually be not all that different from what you hear on your top forty radio hits. Our goal is to eventually begin training multiple band leaders and write our own songs out of what Jesus is doing in and amongst us.

What about parking, am I going to have to walk a long ways?

Not at all. The gym we are meeting in is uniquely situated in a large plaza with plenty of parking. As a matter of fact, if it is raining you can pull right up to the door and not get too wet. In the same plaza there are three restaurants all within walking distance as well.

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