Who Is Jesus

Jesus said that he was God.

Out of all the claims that you could make, this seems to be the one that could most easily be refuted. Not the case with Jesus. As a matter of fact, Jesus’ own mother, brothers and closest friends worshipped him as God. Why is this? Because Jesus was telling the truth. He was who he said he was.

It is logical to state that when Jesus made his claim that he was one of three things. First, he could have been lying.

When Jesus stood before Pilate and was faced with execution there would have been no better time to save yourself simply by saying, “you had made the whole story up, that you were not God but simply a man”. Jesus did not do this. Rather, he maintained his claim, and bore the unjust punishment that came with it, a barbaric death on a roman cross.

Some will then say that if Jesus was not lying then he must have been a mad man who was completely detached from reality and should have been locked up and institutionalized. However there is no case for this whatsoever.

There is incredible consistency with the claims Jesus made prior to his claim of being God. Such as “I came down from Heaven”. No one else had ever said this before. Many have claimed to have gone up to heaven and returned but no one has even claimed to be from Heaven. Such a claim could only mean that Jesus was God.

Jesus also said that he was sinless. You and I have heard it said throughout our lives that “nobody is perfect”. Well Jesus claimed that he was. This means that he never sinned in his words, deeds, thoughts or motives. Who could make such a claim? Only God.

Jesus said that he was the only way to Heaven. Not only did he say that he came from Heaven, but for those who were asking for directions to get to Heaven, he pointed to himself. There is such a great level of consistency throughout Jesus’ teachings and professions that no one could legitimately make the claim that he was insane.

This means there is only one final conclusion that can be reached regarding Jesus. He was telling the truth. Jesus is God.

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