It’s All About Jesus

There has never been a more prominent, divisive, famous man who ever lived besides Jesus. More books have been written, buildings have been erected and art has been done in this mans name compared to anyone else. It is strange too, given his subaverage upbringing that such a man has become so famous. He was born in a would have been redneck town on the wrong side of the tracks. In his entire lifespan Jesus never traveled more than 100 miles from his home town and he lived his three most prominent years on earth as a homeless preacher. Yet, he forever changed the course of humanity and today a third of the population of the globe claim their undying allegiance to him.

We exist as believers and as a church because of what Jesus has done. It was Jesus who called us out of darkness and into life. It was Jesus who called City on a Hill into existence. For that reason, everything we are and everything that we do points back to Jesus. We exist to live for the glory of Jesus as a city within the city.

This means Jesus is at the heart of every sermon that is preached. This means that Jesus is the reason and purpose for every song that we sing. When we celebrate brothers and sisters being baptized, we worship and recognize Jesus alone as the giver of Salvation. As we take communion we remember the price that Jesus paid for our salvation.

If we take away Jesus, there is no need for the church. If we take away Jesus our hope is undone.

City on a Hill is dedicated to learning and proclaiming Jesus.

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