Pastor Dan Friesen

BIO: I grew up in churches all across the western world in a very strong Christian home. My home was a place where scriptures were memorized, christian radio was played throughout the house and you attended church at a minimal of twice a week. Most would think that someone who spent that much time in a church would be in close proximity to Jesus. I was, but my heart was miles away.

Jesus grabbed ahold of my religious, rebellious heart at the ripe age of 16 and I was forever undone. In the same weekend that Jesus grabbed ahold of me he also gave me a vision of myself preaching the bible. I very simply took that to mean I was called to preach. For the past ten plus years I have been serving in various roles in various churches working towards what I feel Jesus has called me to do, planting a church.

Family: I have a beautiful curly brown-haired wife named Jessica. Together we have two little girls. Halle Grace is five and has fiery red hair. Her little sister Rebekah Joy is three and going on twenty (she is very independent).

Interest: Because I live in a house full of Barbie dolls and pink cars I really enjoy watching the UFC once or twice a month if time allows. In addition to that I tend to spend a lot of time reading and talking with other pastors. If we get time, in the evenings we all like to throw all of our pillows and blankets on the floor and watch a movie together.

EDUCATION: B.S. Pastoral Studies & Minor in Mission from Southeastern University.


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