Pastor Dan’s Preaching Sabbatical

This May marks 10 years of pastoral ministry and preaching for me. It is hard to believe that much time has passed from the moment I received my diploma from Southeastern University to this point in time. Over the past ten years I have preached some 500+ messages, helped plant two churches, and saw the births of our two daughters. This year also marks Jessica and mines 10 year anniversary and the birth Daniel Warren Jr. sometime in the next few days. I have never been as excited and as tired and exhausted as I am right now as we imagine and pray how Jesus will use us to continue to advance his kingdom as we proclaim his word and serve his church.

In talking with a fellow church planter / friend who is a part of the Acts 29 Network in Savannah (Eden Village / Pastor Ernie Banks), it was recommended that I take some time out of the pulpit for a period of six weeks to help Jessica with the baby, rest, pray and seek guidance for the next ten years of the journey. He is a godly, wise brother and I am taking his advise on this matter.

So beginning April 19th I will be out of the pulpit for six of the next seven weeks. In my absence we am bringing in some very dear friends and bible teachers, a great many who have Masters Degree’s from well reputed Seminaries. I am throughly excited to hear these men share the gospel and pray that you will make it a point to be at “The 107” each Sunday our guest are with us. Though I will be present for the majority of these six weeks, I will be out of town for some of these weekends preforming weddings, attending training events and finally taking some time away with my family (Jessica and the kids will be present on all of but one of these events).

Additionally, during this time you will notice some adjustment and changes taking place in our church as we attempt to continue to train, equip and place individuals in new areas. One of the benefits of being a young church as we are is that we can make adjustments very easily. As we are trying out some new things please be patient with us. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you are seeing please direct your concerns to me, your Pastor. Though some of our methods might change, who we are and what we do remains the same.

Over the next six week, if you have any questions regarding the week to week runnings of the church (community group schedule, areas of service, the city, planning center) please connect with our Deacons (Shawn Bittner & Leigh Ann Lowe) keeping in mind that these guys are also putting in 40+ plus hours a week in addition to serving the church.

With all of this being said, please make ever effort to be at “The 107” this Sunday for our gathered worship service as I have a very important message planned for our church and members particularly. There are a couple of very important things that I wish to share with you and I very much want you to be there in person to hear it.

I love you all and look foreword to many more years of serving City on a Hill and preaching the gospel!

In Him,

Pastor Dan Friesen

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