The Table: A Special Easter Teaching Series

Easter 2015 At City on a Hill

Easter is hands down the biggest celebration of the year for Christians around the world. It is the time we gather to make much Jesus work, primarily his substitutionary death on the cross and his victorious conquering of sin and death through the resurrection. This is an opportunity for Jesus church to plainly present the good news of the gospel for all of those who visit. This year, we will be doing just that through a special teaching series entitled, “The Table”.

The Table

Some of life’s most memorable moments take place around a table. The meals we have eaten on various tables and the the people we have shared the meals with have all played an important part of our story. History has recorded certain meals that stand over and above the rest. These meals point us to a story greater than that of our own. These meals foreshadow the coming together of the greatest story ever told. These meals serve as an invitation for you and I to sit at the table with The King, and to feast alongside of Him.

By Gods grace you have been invited to take your seat next to Jesus at the table of the Lord. What an honor. Please take time to invite your friends and family to attend our Sunday morning services that they too might hear Jesus call them to come and sit with Him.


March 1: “Rebellion In The Garden” Genesis

March 8: “The Passover” Exodus

March 15: “The Day” Deuteronomy

March 22: “Casting Dice” Esther

March 29: “The Last Supper” Matthew

April 3: “GOOD FRIDAY: Broken Bread, Spilled Wine”

April 5: “EASTER SUNDAY: Come, Feast With The Risen King”

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