Tomorrows Sermon Is Rated COAH-17

It is never our intention to be offensive what so ever. This is not to say that we cower away from the offense of the cross and scripture in the least. What we mean is that we do not value shock jock antics nor do we try to use explicit titles as a way to draw people in and gather a crowd. Our sole ambition is to preach to the gospel and that people who hear the gospel would trust in Jesus.

As a Father with children, as a Pastor of children and a friend to many moms and dads within our church I try to be conscientious of those who will be sitting in our service and make them aware of our subject matter to ensure that our if we do have any age sensitive material being shared that we simply communicate that. This was the case last week at City on a Hill as we talked about Sexual Immorality. I was not approached and no one shared any concern with me regarding this matter but I simply feel it is appropriate to let parents know when our gospel message deals with such topics as sex. This is done with a mind for children and pre teenagers.

With that being said, we are rating tomorrows sermon COAH-17. We recommend reading 1 Corinthians 7:1-16 and determining if this is something you are comfortable having your children sit in on. If not, our children’s team would be happy to have them serve with them and they would be a welcome guest with City Kids.

As you can always expect, tomorrow we will open Gods word and preach the gospel in an unashamed manner praying that the Holy Spirit will convict us where we need convicting, and shower us with grace as we respond and mold and shape us to be the people he has called us to be.

See you tomorrow at City on a Hill

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