Sex? Marriage? Yes, No, Maybe So.

This past week we looked at 1 Corinthians 6:11-20 where Paul speaks to the Corinthian church about sexual immorality (porneia) and the response Christians should have towards it. The message created an enormous amount of discussion both on the campus with our young men and online as some of the aspects of sexual immorality were discussed. This week we go deeper into Paul’s writing as he talks about sex within marriage. Last week we examined sex in its perverted adulterated form, this week we look at sex not only in a redeemed way, but in it created way.

Sex is a beautiful gift that when stewarded properly not only brings forth new life in procreation, but new life in marriages. It has been said that couple who have been together longer than 7 years only have sex on over 10 times a year. If our sex lives are an indication of our intimacy, devotion, and closeness to our spouses some examination of our marriages might be in order.

In addition to this Paul speaks a great deal of marriage, remarriage and divorce. Roughly 50% of all marriage now end in divorce which means that an enormous amount of married couple have likely had other spouses prior to their current one. In addition to this, many young people in our midst aspire and hope to one day be married. This is a portion of scripture that speaks to everyone.

This text also happens to be one of the rare places where Paul shares his personal opinions with the church regarding marriage and sex, making the subject matter that much more interesting. I would highly encourage everyone to again attend City on a Hill this Sunday. So many people have so many assumptions regarding sexuality yet some many of their assumptions and beliefs are detached from scripture. Come hear what the gospel has to say about one of the greatest gifts that have been bestowed upon humanity.

City on a Hill meets on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30 AM at 107 East Parrish Street Suite A in Statesboro.


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