We’re Moving

This Sunday morning we made a big announcement in our worship service. 

When City on a Hill first started, we began meeting at the 180 Fitness Center in the second story aerobics room surrounded by mirrors. Though it was a far stretch from a normal church worship environment in our area, by Gods grace and the hard work of the people who joined us we were able to make it work. In June of 2014 we made a celebrated move to Bulloch Academy on the north end of town. The move proved to be incredibly helpful for us in that it saved us from trucking all of our very heavy gear up a flight of stairs and Bulloch Academy was very gracious allowing us to store all of our gear onsite. Many people unfamiliar with church planting often ask the question, why do church plants move around from location to location. Its a great question.

  • Just as families grow, churches grow and sometimes find themselves in need of additional space.
  • Because church plants often tend to me mobile (many times placing all their gear in trailers after Sunday service) they are always looking for a way to save on the time and energy that they volunteer teams are investing in their set up and tear down processes.
  • Often times churches in an attempt to reach a new group of people move to a place where they feel they called to lead a redemptive gospel effort in the city to bring renewal and new life.

These are just some of the reason why churches tend to move to varying locations until they find a “permanent” home, and these are some of the reasons why City on a Hill is moving.

This Sunday we made a big announcement in our worship service, that we will be moving to a new location on 107 East Parish Street Suite A in downtown Statesboro GA. This weekend marked our last service at Bulloch Academy, closing out chapter in our church history that we will look back on with grateful hearts, and opening a new chapter where we look forward to see how Jesus will use us as his people in his city.

Beginning next Sunday (February 1st, 2015) we will begin meeting at our new building. We will begin our worship service at the same time of 10:00 AM, but it will be in a completely new location (107 East Parish Road Suite A). Over time we plan on making some minor renovations to the facility (replacing the Thrift Store Sign over the awning, painting the walls, cleaning and staining the floors, staging out and giving a facelift to the space where we will be holding our worship service) but due to the fact that we will not even have access to the building until the Saturday January 31st it will take some time before we are able to make the desired renovations. We are planning to have all of our renovations complete by the first weekend of March as we begin our Easter Sermon Series “The Table”.

With that being stated, we ask that those who call City on a Hill home and those who choose to visit with us keep in mind  that we are in the process of fixing up our worship environment so that we can better serve you in the very near future.

We hope that we will have the opportunity to worship you and and experience the life changing message of the gospel with you in our midst at City on a Hill this Sunday morning at our new location, 107 East Parish Street Suite A in Statesboro GA at 10:00 AM. Look for the City on a Hill signs! We will be meeting in the space under the Thrift store signs. If the parking in the front of the building is taken up, there is additional parking behind the building along with additional entry ways.



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