Humble Like Jesus

The fall has effected us all in such a tragic way that we tend not to see its effects until it is far too late. One way that the fall effected us is that it has messed up the way that we view not only ourselves, but God. In light of the fall we all tend to make far to much of ourselves and way to little of God. We tend to minimize and discredit our sin and its effects while overly puffing up our self esteem and ego.

Pal addresses this very issue in 1 Corinthians 4:1-13 with a group of people inside the church who thought it was there place to stand over the church leaders and pronounce judgement over Paul.

Have you ever met someone like this? Someone so arrogant and proud that it just made you sick? You know that person. The one who walks around with their nose so high in the air that if it were to rain they would drown. Here is the amazing thing, you and I are far more like that person than we would care to admit. The gospel speaks to our pride and sets for us the perfect example of humility while calling us to a closer walk with Jesus, our example and enabler.

Join us this week at City on a Hill as we continue on with our series through the boo of 1 Corinthians. We meet at Bulloch Academy in Statesboro GA beginning at 10:00. For more information regarding our series on first corinthians check out this link.

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