Whats Taking Place At City on a Hill This Season

This is one of the busiest most chaotic seasons of the entire year. Additionally this season is also full of longing, hope and glory as it is the time of year we focus on God becoming man and dwelling among us. This year at City on a Hill we have a couple things planned with the purpose of providing us an opportunity to understand what it means to “Advent well”, to slow down while focusing our hearts and minds, and gathering together to be encouraged at what Jesus is doing in our midst.


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This year over the course of Advent we have a special teaching series entitled “Here Comes The Son.” The whole focus of this series is to teach us that Jesus was the long expected promise that generations upon generations of people were waiting for to arrive, and like them, we to are awaiting a Savior who will one day come to right every wrong, bring truth and justice, peace and love. Each week we will be looking to better understand how we can wait well for Jesus.

November 30th: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (why do we need a Savior to come)

December 7th: Do You See What I See (John the baptist prepares the way preaching repentance)

December 14th: Bring Him Incense, Gold & Myrrh (the gifts prophesy a story of the child born)

December 21st: His Will Be Done, His Kingdom Come (as he came one, so he comes again…)



Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Mary & Joseph to give birth to God in a rural hick town, in a barn, in the first century. Well, with the help of Savannah Christian Church you can now place yourself in the middle of the nativity story. On Friday December 5th we will be leaving form Pastor Dan’s house at 4:00 PM to make our way down to Savannah Christian Church in Savannah to go through the journey experience. The cost per person to enter is only $7 a person and the ticket price is well worth the memory and service the church provides.




November 30th: Generous Meals: We are going to be collecting food for families in and around City on a Hill who are in need to let them know that Jesus loves them and to remind them that our God is a generous God and a giver of good gifts. On this day, we will have a special drop location at Bulloch Academy where you can bring your gifts. After the service we will make sure that all the gifts are distributed to the families who we choose to serve.

What are some things that you could bring and donate?
Frozen Turkeys, Hams, Stuffing, Canned Goods, Breads and grocery store gift cards.

December 7th: Generous Gifts: We are humbled that Jesus has given and entrusted us with children to share the gospel with. In addition to that when we look at the network of friendships that our children have, there are a great many in great need. On this day we will be donating special gifts to children and families that we know are in need. To ensure that the gifts are being picked appropriately we will have a special post on the city entailing the age and gender of the boys and girls we will be purchasing for. Again, we will have a special place on Sunday that you can drop off your gifts at Bulloch Academy.

We strongly encourage you to make this a family event and use this opportunity to share the gospel with your own children. Have your kids select the gifts, wrap the gifts, and attach a letter and a scripture with it. This will all be done anonymously, so know one will know who is giving or receiving what.

December 14th: The Generous Offering: As we prepare to close out the year we noticed that we are coming in under our income expectations due to a very low month in October. In addition to this, as we move into 2015 we are considering securing a small office space in Statesboro to provide a physical point of contact for the church. We want to have a noticeable and physical presence in the city that we have been called to love and serve. We believe creating a point of contact in the form of an office will help us do that in part. The Generous Offering will be going towards these two things.

December 21st: The Generous Invite: This is the Sunday before Christmas! The message will be entitled “All Glory Be To Christ”. What we are asking you to do is to invite one family to attend City on a Hill with you on this special day. Please go out of your way to make this a joyous memorable event that they will never forget. Some things that you can consider; bringing them a small gift, taking them out to lunch after church, giving them a special Christmas gifts or baked good when you meet them at church. As a church, we will be giving out a couple of giveaways and a special gift to very family present with us. In addition to that, we will be serving pie all morning!



One thing I am incredibly thankful for this year is the family that Jesus has brought together around City on a Hill. It has been a great joy of Jessica and I to not only get to know each of you but to pray with you, to struggle with you in life, to rejoice with you over all the good things we have all experienced. On December 19th all the adults are all going to join together for a Christmas Party at Pastor Dan’s house, celebrate with good food and drink all that Jesus has done in 2014. Bring the ugliest and tackiest sweater you can find. Whoever has the “best tackiest” sweater wins the prize!

If you would like more information about what is taking place at City on a Hill through the month of December, please email danfriesen@me.com. The best way to experience what is happening is to visit us on Sunday at Bulloch Academy from 10:00 – 11:30 AM.

Merry Christmas

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