Generous Campaign

God sending his son to be with us, to live among us and to ultimately die for us is the most generous act of sacrificial kindness that humanity will ever experience. It does not just touch us as a race, but it also touches us as a people and as individuals. Because God has been so generous as to give us his son, it fosters generosity inside of his people to likewise be generous. This is the big idea behind the generous campaign.

The generous campaign will be running through the four weeks of Advent beginning on Sunday November 30th (tomorrow). On November 30th, we are doing a food drive for those in need. Our goal is to stock the pantries and fridges of two to three families for the month of December. To help us with this endeavor, you can bring food to our gathered worship service on Sunday morning at Bulloch Academy. Wondering what you should bring? Canned food, hams, turkeys, grocery store gift cards, kitchen items, etc. At the conclusion of service we will be distributing the items collected to those who are in need.

Jesus generosity compels us to be a generous people. Be generous as the Lord enables you!

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