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This is the calm before the storm. Right now everyone is planning their shopping list and hoping to make it to the grocery store before the mad holiday risk begins. This will likely be the slowest week you have until New Years, and with that in mind we have something very special planned.

We want to invite you and your family to attend the COAH Community Group Thanksgiving Celebration. The dinner theme is very simple, anything that you would expect to see on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table is in play. We already have a large Turkey prepping for cooking, and from the sounds of what everyone else is bringing this is going to be a great gathering.

In addition to bringing food, we would also like to encourage you to bring something else. We want you to come prepared to share what you are thankful for as you reflect back on this year. Maybe it is something that Jesus has done in your life or that of a friend or family member. Maybe it is something related to your church experience this year. Whatever it may be, we want to to come and tell us what it is.

If you attend City on a Hill or are a member we strongly encourage you to attend this gathering. With only three more community groups in the entire year we want to make this a special time.

In addition to this Pastor Dan will be sharing a very special words regarding our missional approach to 2015.



On Saturday November 29th we will be meeting at Bullock Academy from 6:00 – 8:00 PM to decorate the worship environment for Christmas. If you happen to have any Christmas decorations that you could spare (wreaths, white Christmas lights, Christmas Tree) and are willing to let the church use for the duration of December we would really appreciate it. In addition to that, we are also need help setting everything up. We are anticipating a great many people joining this holiday season and we hope that the environment we create helps to see how significant the person is who we celebrate.


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Beginning November 30th we will start a four week teaching campaign entitled “Here Comes The Son: The Son of Promise”. In this teaching series we will be looking at how the world was eagerly waiting and watching for a Savior that would come to deliver them, to save them and to bring them back to God. It all culminates with the humble and glorious incarnation.

The month of December always proves to be a great occasion to invite your friends and family to church. Begin considering who you will be bringing to City on a Hill with you in the month of December.



From Thanksgiving to Christmas, we are afforded some special opportunities to reflect on the grace of Jesus in our lives as we consider the many different ways that he has provided for us over the past year. It also provides us with the opportunity to be generous in light of the generosity that we have been show. To hep up capitalize on that we are running the Generous Campaign throughout the month of December.

The Generous Campaign is an opportunity for us as a church to give to those in need within our church and within our city. It also affords us the opportunity to give towards a special need within our own church body, something Pastor Dan will be sharing about this upcoming weekend.

We would ask you to begin to pray and ask Jesus what he would have you to contribute to the Generous Campaign this year. The Campaign will culminate on December 21st (The Sunday before Christmas) with what we hope to be the largest single offering that we take up within the year.


It is hard to believe but we are only a couple of weeks away from a new year. We are beginning to wrap up all of our year end business, financial report, goals for next year and so on. As we look forward to the work that Jesus has called us to do in the new year we are constantly reminded that this is not something we can do alone. With that in mind we want to be sure we start this new year off right, on our knees.

Following the first Sunday service in January will mark the beginning of a 40 Day Fast that we are asking all members of City on a Hill to join in on. The reasoning for our fast is simple. The work and opposition is great and we really need Jesus help. We need his grace and spirit to guide us, to empower us, to sustain us.

Please begin considering how you and your family will be participating with us in the 40 Day fast for the work we will be committing to in the upcoming year.


As mentioned above, this tends to be one of the busiest times of the year for everyone. I want to take a brief moment to encourage you to “not neglect meeting together as some are in the habit of doing.” With all that is going on around you, do not forget the importance of meeting together with you family. Make it a priority for you and your family this year to be ¬†present for the Sunday gathered celebration. Take some time to create some family memories that will last forever. Capitalize on the opportunities to share what this time of year is truly all about.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at City on a Hill beginning at 10:00 at Bullock Academy.

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