Every Sunday churches across the world meet in various places open up the bible and preach about Jesus. Every week there is a tendency for us to just casually take in the preached word as if it is a ritual with little significance. In reality, in opening our bible and hearing the preached word what we are taking a part of in not just a glorious act of worship but God speaking to us, sanctifying us, and molding us further into his image. For that reason, Sunday mooring should truly be full of life and excitement and expectancy. As a Pastor, this is one of my great hopes for our church, that people would not delight in the mean that stands behind the pulpit and preaches, but the man that is preached from the pulpit, Jesus!

This weekend we are starting a new teaching campaign at City on a Hill. We will be going verse by verse through the book of 1 Corinthians beginning in Acts 18 where Paul plants the church in Corinth. To foster excitement, and to show what a big deal this is we are starting an annual tradition, a church festival of sorts called CoahPalooza. At the center of this event is Gods word intersecting with our hearts. To celebrate, we will be having our service off site at the W.W. Mann Center in Statesboro GA (2171 Prather Road, Statesboro GA, 30461).

Service will begin at the traditional time of 10:00 AM at the chapel on site. Following the service there will be a church wide picnic. We are providing all the meat and drinks and are asking you to please provide 2 side dishes when you come. We have some family games lined up, along with a baby shower for a missionary family inside our church. The campgrounds offer great fishing spots and swimming wholes for those of you who are interested. There is a large playground for the kids and we will have a very special form of entertainment for everyone as well in the form of a lip sync off. We understand that many of you can not sing so karaoke is out of the question, however you can lip sync. Tell us ( what song you would like qued up for the lip sync off and we will have you ready to go the day of.

This is a great event to bring your family and friends out to. We hope we see you there on Sunday morning at the Mann Center for Coahpalooza as we kick off a new sermon series, 1 Corinthians.

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