Paul, the least likely convert to Christianity becomes a missionary church planter who loves Jesus. Corinth, the least likely place to plant a church becomes a growing church plant with every type of problem that a Pastor could possibly imagine.

Shortly after Paul arrives in Corinth and begins preaching the gospel, people begin to trust in Jesus, repent of their sins and wind up getting baptized. Very quickly a church sprouts up within the city and Corinth and Paul sticks around for over a year and a half preaching, teaching and baptizing new converts. Inevitably, Paul leaves Corinth and makes his way to Ephesus where he learns that of all sorts of problems arising from the Church in Corinth.

Christians are suing each other, more powerful members in the church are being social snobs neglecting the poor and using the means of the gospel to promote their social status, people are cutting in line at the communion table and neglecting the poor and marginalized and sexual immorality, the king not even practiced among unbelievers, is taking place inside the church. In short, Paul in very upset.

He ends up writing four letters to the Corinthian church urging them to put aside their arrogance, divisiveness and immaturity. He calls them to follow the example of Jesus, to unify around the gospel and its mission so that they can continue to grow as Jesus disciples. One of the four letters he wrote to the Corinthian Church was 1 Corinthians.

As we look at the letter Paul penned we can not help but recognize the many similarities between the church in Corinth and our church (churches). Though Paul’s words cut deep, they are the wounds of a faithful friend who desire to see the church grow in all maturity, to be the depiction of the body of Christ that she is called to be.

This is first Corinthians.

For the next 7-8 months we will be going through this book verse by verse as we ourselves seek to grow in Christ. We would love to have you join us. Our kick off service for this series is going to be at the Man Center in Statesboro on Sunday morning beginning at 10:00 AM followed by a picnic and party. The rest of our services are going to be held at our traditional place of meeting, Bullock Academy on Westside road. We hope we have the joy of seeing you there with us.

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