“We Are One” Marriage Conference Interview with Bill Immel

Bill Immel has been serving the greater part of his life as a Licensed Professional Counselor working with families, children and married couples. He has a great wealth of information and experience that I believer will help all of us who are attending the marriage conference on May 16th – 17th.

I have spent nearly 10 years now working inside the church. In doing so I have worked with married couples, divorcee’s, sexual assault victims and more. I can tell you that the ability to preform as a godly counselor does not come from within, but from the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Some men truly seem more empower and uniquely gifted for this role, Bill is one of those guys. You can listen to our interview with Bill Immel at the link provided below.


If you are interested in registering for the “We Are One” marriage conference where you can hear Bill in person, simply click on the link below to purchase your tickets.


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