“We Are One” Interview With Dave Willis

As we are preparing for the “We Are One” marriage conference taking place on May 16th – 17th here in Statesboro at the Pittman Park United Methodist Church, we sat down with one of our keynote speakers, Dave Willis. Dave is a truly fantastic guy that you are going to immediately like. I wish that all of you could get to know him as I have.

Dave is the author of “iVow” a book on the marriage vows that husbands and wives share. He is also the founder of the marriage page on Facebook with over 750K followers. If you are not already following the marriage page on Facebook I would encourage you to do so.

If you are interested in attending the “We Are One Marriage Conference simply click on the link below for more information and follow the instruction on the event page to register and get tickets. We look forward to seeing you there.


Be sure to stay tuned for more interviews from some of our keynote speakers.

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