The Gospel Project For Kids: Something New For City Kids

This week has been truly eventful. A great deal of focus has been invested in and towards all kids ministries at City on a Hill. Allow me to share with you our heart, what you will see happening, and some ways in which we can now partner together with parents and families in our church to teach our children the gospel.


Our goal is very simple. We desire to teach our children the bible in such a way that they can not help but see that Jesus is the hero and central figure from Genesis to Revelation. We desire to do this in a way that appeals to all the senses of the children so that the gospel that is being proclaimed to them is not just done with words, but with visuals, and action, and community engagement. Long ago, Rabbi’s would take a stick, dip it in honey, and place the honey on the lips of the children and encourage them to taste the sweetness of the sticky goo. Their intention was simple. They wanted the children to equate the sweet taste of honey with the good news of the scriptures. Thats is what we desire church to be like for our children.


When we first started City on a Hill we order a teaching curriculum that was very gospel centered but lacked a great deal of ways for children to engage and for parents to follow up with the lesson. Though the content was truly fantastic, is was very one dimensional. We have recognized this for quite some time but were waiting for the right point to make the switch form one curriculum to the other. In addition to this, our meeting space for children was growing increasingly cramped and created a hinderance for bringing resources into a small environment and having also have a teaching environment that was not prone to every type of distraction.


First, we have switched our teaching curriculum from “Lost & Found” and moved on to “The Gospel Project for Kids.” This is a very Gospel and Jesus centered message for students in three primary age groups, pre-school, young children and older children. It is also immersive, meaning that is has content that engages with the children in multiple ways, video, song, teaching, activities, community, at home applications for iPhone and iPad and family discussion. Over the course of three years our children will go through the entire bible narrative seeing that Jesus is the hero and central figure from Genesis to Revelation. You can check out the Gospel Project for Kids by click on this link.

In addition to this we have gathered a great deal of resources this past week to better assist and resource all of our children’s ministry workers, (tables, snacks, t.v.s, computers, etc). We will continue to procure resources throughout the month so that we can better serve our children with the gospel. If this is something you would like to give towards, please see Pastor Dan and he will tell you a couple different ways that you can help.


Another thing we have done to provide more care and attention to the children ministry is brought in three individuals to provide special support to give areas. Leigh Ann Lowe will be overseeing the nursery ages 0-24 months. Jessica Hill will be overseeing 3-4 year olds, and Brandi Bittner will oversee k-5. Jessica Friesen will be serving as liaison between the office and all the children’s workers ensuring that all teaching and leaders are properly resourced. This will be a crucial role as the new material from The Gospel Project is rather expansive.

In addition to all of this we have created a better system for scheduling and organizing volunteers. Everything will continue to run through planning center but you will notice that you will be consistently working in one class and not multiple age groups.


Please pray for the ladies mentioned above and all children volunteers. For the next two weeks these ladies will be ensuring that our new system works well and will then proceed to teach our other volunteers how to maximize the time that we have with children in our services.

In the meantime we encourage you to download the Gospel Project for Kids app. The app purchase is completely free but the content is $2.99. I assure you it is well worth the purchase. Look for “The Beginning” content package. This app gives you access to all the videos, all the worship music, all the lesson plans, activities, digital games and follow up questions for you and your family to engage with.


We Jesus. We believe that every child should be told about the good news of Jesus because we love children. Thank you for allowing us to share the greatest message in the world with you family!

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