Best Date Ever Winner

Earlier this week we posted information regarding a contest we were running at City on a Hill in honor of Valentines Day. To gain entry into the contest you had to post a story about the best date that you have ever been on.

We are happy to inform you that we have found a winner. This is a story of a guy who actually calls City on a Hill home and you can tell that he went to great measures to ensure this was a date that would be hard to forget. This is his story.

“For our 10 year adversary I took Ruth to Colorado for a 4 day ski trip that included snowmobiling along the continental divide.  In the evenings they replaced the stylish lift chairs with gondalas that take you to a restaurant lodge on the top of the mountain.  They had a buffet there with the best roast beef I have ever had. After dinner we were treated to a moonlit sleigh ride on the slopes.”

Congrats to Alan and Ruth Ballard, you have won the City on a Hill Valentines Day “Best Date Ever” contest. We would like to present you with a free date night on City on a Hill. Though it will be no winter wonderland getaway, we are sure you can make it a special time together.

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