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In preparation for our week of fasting it is my hope that you would check out three blogs that have been posted on our website ( geared specially towards the the discipline of fasting and outlines the focus in which we we are petitioning and seeking guidance from the Lord. As you consider fasting I would also encourage you to take time to pray with your family over the weekend. Thru prayer the Holy spirit will help guide your fast on what he might be asking you to specially give up, so in turn you can seek Jesus more fully.

I would also like to encourage you to not only sacrifice and fast from the things of comfort, and the items that you “feel” you need, but to fast from the physical things that you know you need, namely food, (versus things creature comforts, like TV). However God ultimately leads you I understand that this is a bold act and requires much discipline and sacrifice, but I also believe the reward is worth it.

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Jesus

There are several occasions throughout the bible where men, communities, and nations fast. It can be both a private endeavor between you and the Lord and it can be a communal event whereby people beseech the Lord for a particular reason.


The answer is actually quite simple. City on a Hill exist because of the goodness and grace of Jesus. He is a blessing to both you and I and the city we live in. We fully believe that Jesus has called his church into existence and that it is to continue to grow and be fruitful for years to come. We want to serve as a blessing to those who call it home and to those who live around her. This does not come in our power, but by the providence of Jesus. For that reason, we desire to honor Jesus and steward what resources he has placed in our hands for his glory. We believe that as we pray and seek Jesus, ask for direction, request his providential blessings to serve as a resource for what he called us to do, then we can honor Jesus and serve His church well.


As mentioned above, we are praying in three really distinct veins.

1. We desire to know Jesus more.

2. We desire for Jesus to give us direction.

3. We ask Jesus to graciously provide for that which he has called us to do.

Additionally, there are several needs in our church that we would like to lift up before the throne. These items would include healing in peoples lives, and Jesus meeting other various needs within the City on a Hill family.


Please pray for City on a Hill in these ways.

• That we would all be a people who desire Jesus above anything else. That through the fast it would be revealed we need Jesus more than anything else.

• That we would highly esteem God’s word above any other general revelation of God.

• That Pastor Dan would clearly hear from Jesus when He speaks, and is quick to respond when the Holy Spirit initiates upon his heart.

• That our families and homes would be different from the time that we spend with Jesus. That our children would grow up to love and desire Jesus above anything else in this world.

• Through both our gathered worship on Sunday, and our scattered worship in community groups, we would worship is spirit and in truth, and be made aware of the goodness of Jesus is our lives.

• As we seek Jesus, that we would grow in maturity, wisdom, godliness and favor with both our community and God.

• Please pray for all the visitors that Jesus has yet to send to City on a Hill on a weekly basis, that they too would seek Jesus and trust him for Salvation. That through this, City on a Hill would grow both numerically and in spiritual depth.


Please pray for City on a Hill in these ways.

• Pastor Dan: That Jesus would guide Pastor Dan in how we are to engage with the City, what he is to communicate from God’s word, insight in to where he is to invest his times, talents and treasures and those of the church. Please pray that Jesus would give him insight as he builds the framework for the elder training program, sets the by-laws of the church and prepares the church and Gods people for membership. Please pray that in times of distress Pastor Dan would not be led in the way of the enemy, but that he would continually be strengthened by the Lord and that the Holy Spirit would come along side him, direct him back to Jesus and lift his head and soul. Please pray for Pastor Dan and his family as he is still a young Pastor seeking to honor God, love his family and serve His people well in balance and in the right order. Please pray Gods grace upon Dan. Please pray Gods protection for Pastor Dan and his family from the enemy.

• Please pray for all the community group leaders, their wives and their families as they seek to live on mission, building gospel centered communities as they they love and serve others. That as they serve their groups they would both be fruitful, and be able to receive from the Lord. Please pray that Jesus would grow and mature these men and their families and they sacrificially serve. Please pray Gods protection upon them as it seems to be the trend of late that the enemy targets these men.

• Please pray that Jesus gives us direction regarding what to do with all of the varied gifts and talents that have been sent to City on a Hill, that through the application of these gifts Jesus would be glorified.

• Please pray for direction regarding where we are to place our future community groups and how we can better train all of our existing and future community group leaders.

• Please pray that Jesus gives us direction as to where we are to plant the next church.

• Please pray that Jesus would give us a very clear vision and plan of action for how we are to approach the multiple thousands of students on the campus of GSU.

• Please pray that Jesus would continue to give us a vision for the thousands of high school students here in Statesboro GA.

• Please pray for Alan Ballard as he is prayerfully considering partnering with City on a Hill to serve as an extension of City on a Hill at the GSU campus.


Please pray for City on a Hill in these ways.

• That Jesus would send us a like minded, called, competent and qualified worship leader. Please pray that God would send us talented musicians to steward in or City and region for the glory of God.

• Please pray that Jesus would send us a godly couple to work with high school students in our City.

• Please pray for a like minded, called, competent and qualified children’s leader to better provide direction for the our children’s ministry and to better equip and train all of our children’s workers.

• Please ask Jesus to give us a permanent facility in the city that can serve as a place of service, proclamation and renewal in our City.

• Please pray that Jesus would continually send men to come along side the mission, to both serve and be served by the church.

• Please pray for the financial providence that is necessary to do all the things that we have been called to do, and that City on a Hill would continue to grow in their generosity and giving. That the Holy Spirit would convict the hearts of Christians to be faithful and obedient to the bibles teaching on financial stewardship and tithing.

• Please pray that Jesus would provide jobs for those people in our church who are in need of them and the income that is necessary to provide for their families.


Please pray with City on a Hill for these various needs and please feel free to add to them and encourage people to pray for them via the City as we did not mean to miss or omit anyone from prayer.

• Brandi Bittner’s foot needs healing from a stress fracture.

• Renee Morgan needs healing for a long time ailment and fibromyalgia.

• Please pray for Alan Ballard as his business recently lost a major account.

• Please pray for Richard Morgan and Shawn Bittner as they are both working through a very stressful season in their jobs.

• For all the other various gospel centered churches in our City and region.

• Christina & Joey Rentz: Her father had a heart attach. Christina at Buffalo Wild Wings asked us to pray for herself.

• Please pray for Mike Hormel, John and Marks older brother, that Jesus would save him.


I understand that everyone will not be fasting for the full seven days. I would like to encourage everyone to fully fast from food on Wednesday, and instead of easting or snacking, use the time for prayer. If you can not fast the entire day we ask that you fast with us from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM so that the entire church body of City on a Hill can be in complete unison. I thank you for the sacrifice you are making of your comfort and I greatly look forward to seeing how Jesus will answer these prayers over the course of the next year. The blessings and favor of Jesus be upon you, your families, your homes and your businesses.

In Him,

Pastor Dan Friesen

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