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Jesus is growing his church and for that we say “Praise God!” As we are looking at and learning who Jesus has sent our way we are learning about some of the individuals gifts and callings. We are noticing that people have not just been sent to a particular church but also to a particular area of service within the church. Paul says that is the primary duty of Elders/Pastors to train and equip the body for ministry so leaders in the church should always be looking to see who Jesus has sent to the church, particularly amongst the men, and come along side of them to both encourage, support and train them for the work that is being done in the church.

City on a Hill will have an opportunity to meet some of these men and their families in the weeks to come as many of them will be leading community groups and serving other families in the greater City on a Hill family. I also wanted to give you an opportunity to hear from them here on our website as well. Many of you notice that all the work being done in the church, all the media coming out of the church, all the content on our website has all been produced by one person thus far. Thankfully that is now changing. Beginning this month you will be able to start hearing from some other godly individuals other than myself.

Are you interested in writing for the City from the City? Simply email and let us know what is on your mind. Until then, enjoy the writings of some dear friends of mine from City on a Hill. I believe they will encourage and spur you on just as they have me.

Pastor Dan Friesen

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