Jesus Was Born So That You Could Be Born Again!

This Sunday is one of the biggest Sundays of the year for Jesus and his people. Billions of people around the world will gather to sing songs about Jesus, hear the gospel of Jesus and commit themselves to Jesus. We at City on a Hill are so excited about this upcoming Sunday and we wanted to make sure you knew that you and your family were invited. To learn a little more about what will be taking place this weened, watch this video.

9:45 – 10:00 AM- Pie! Lots of pie for you and your family to eat.

10:00 – 11:30 AM- Family worship service. If you have children over the age of two they will have the opportunity to be with you and witness all the festivities. There will be a short message on this special day to better accommodate those of you with children. In addition to this we will have the kids in the beginning part of our service singing to special songs.

We will also be dedicating three babies to Jesus and prayerfully baptizing new believers into the family of God. In this we are celebrating those who have been born as a gift from God, and celebrating those being born again! If you have come to know Jesus and would like to be baptized be sure to bring a change of cloths and a towel. In case you forget we will have some there for you. Also, be sure to invite your family to be there with you to witness this special occasion.

All of this will be taking place at the 180 Fitness Center in Statesboro GA. We hope you can join us for this most festive occasion!

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Dan Friesen

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