Its Not Enough

This past Sunday at City on a Hill we discussed sin the best we could. If we do not understand what happened in Genesis 3 then every day following that day makes no sense whatsoever. In the message, I mentioned that one of the lies that Satan often tells us, is that God is withholding some great treasure from us and that God is keeping us from obtaining our full potential by telling us not to do certain things or to engage in certain behavior.

When we believe this, we will pursue the very things he tells us to avoid thinking in them we will find complete fulfillment. Sadly, that type of fulfillment can only be found in Jesus. When we believe that we need something else we are left realizing that it is not enough. Jesus is enough.

Dustin Kensrue (from the Band Thrice) recently wrote a song entitled “Not Enough”. Check out these lyrics and the video below.

If all the wealth of men were mine to squander, and towers of ivory rose beneath my feet,

If palaces of treasure were mine to wander, the sum of it would leave me incomplete

Though every soul would hold my name in honor, and truest love was always by my side

My praises sung by grateful sons and daughters, my soul would never still be satisfied

Its not enough, its not enough

I could walk this world forever till my shoes were filled with blood

Its not enough, its not enough

Though I could live for all to lift them higher, or spend the centuries seeking light within

Though I indulged my every dark desire, exhausting every avenue of sin

Its not enough, its not enough…

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