Funny How Falling Feels Like Flying

A couple years ago Jeff Bridges stared in a movie called Crazy Heart where we portrayed a broken down has been country musician. In the movie he plays a song he wrote. Here are the lyrics.

“I was going where shouldn’t go, seeing who I shouldn’t see

Doing what  shouldn’t do, being who I shouldn’t be

A litte voice told me its all wrong, another voice told me its alright

I used to think that I was wrong, but lately I’ve just lost the fight.

It’s funny how falling feels like flying for a little while

I never meant to hurt no one, I just had to have my way

If theres such a thing as too much fun, this must be the price to pay.

Its funny how falling feels like flying.”

There is some truth is theses words. It is amazing to think that people often view God and his laws as someone and something that is trying to withhold good things form his people. When we sin it is an attempt to seemingly enjoy that which we feel that God is withholding from us.  This is the same topic of conversation that Satan had in the garden with Eve. The serpent tells Eve that the reason God told her not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is because he knows if you do, you will be like him. You can be like God. God is purposely withholding good things from you. You should eat it. You deserve it. You should try to rise to your full potential. Eve sees that the fruit is desirable, she eats it and gives some to her husband thinking it will lead to “flight”, sadly is only leads to the fall.

In truth, the lyrics to this song do not in any way do justice to what sin is and its effects. It is far worse that being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and doing things we should not do. However, this is how most people view sin. The truth is that it is far more damning, far more severe, the effects are far more lasting and deeper that even I can comprehend.

This Sunday we will be looking at the saddest day in history as we examine Genesis 3, the doctrine of the Fall.

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