We’re Moving

For the past three and a half months City on a Hill has been meeting a the 180 Fitness Center in Statesboro GA. I will never forget our first meeting and being completely astounded and who the Lord provided us to both serve and equip to be a City on a Hill here in our city. That emotion has not left me yet as on a week to week basis we have been watching Jesus provide for and grow his church. Earlier this month we had our highest attendance of 80 people in the gym and for the first time our space began to feel really small.

As great as our location has been it is now time to move and make a very important transition. So on October 27th City on a Hill will be meeting at the 180 Fitness Center for the last time. The owners of the gym have been incredibly hospitable towards us and have been very generous with the space. We can not say thank you enough.

Then on November 3rd we will be meeting in our new location, Julia P. Elementary school. We are very excited about this move. Here are a couple reason for the transition.

1. Children- When we first started out we we thrilled about being in the gym because we were expecting about 10 children. Since then, our children have more than doubled in attendance and there is just little room. The new facility gives us three rooms right off the bat that are well suited for children. We will need to make some purchase so that our kids are served well but in the long run this will be a much better fit.

2. Security- At the gym, the children’s space was downstairs near a door a long ways from the adults. It simply was much less than desirable for security reasons. In the new venue, the children will be on the same hall as the adults and anyone who wants to get to the children will be noticed.

3. Accessibility- The room size was not the issue at 180, it was the rooms location. In order to get to our meeting space you had to walk up a large flight of stairs. This made it very difficult for both all of our older brothers and sisters not to mention our set up and tear down teams who carry very valuable and heavy equipment up and down the stairs several times a day. In the new venue everything in on the same floor and everything can be accessed very easily.

4. Location & Environment- In our previous location we were not afforded the space for signs in front of the building. Nor were we able to adequately set up signage inside the facility due to space. Once we get moved into Julia P we will be afford more space which will allow us to place signs in strategic locations to better serve all of our guest who are visiting with us. One thing that has been really difficult in our worship time lately is the inability to see the words on the tv screen. We were unable to get a projector or screen into the gym because of the low ceilings. We have already purchase a projector and screen and the first week at Julia P. everyone will have a clear shot of the screen so they can better follow the songs we sing and the weekly message.

We are very excited about this transition as it allows us to serve more people with the gospel. In the weeks to come we will be posting more information about our transition. Stay tuned!

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