Why We Use ESV Bible At City on a Hill

Three weeks we made the announcement that we will be using the ESV (English Standard Version) of the Bible as our go to text at City on a Hill. Some churches who have been using the New International Version of the Bible for the past several decades or the King James Version might have had some difficultly making such a switch, but since we are a church plant that has only existed for the past three months there seemed to be little to no problem.

The announcement came at a very interesting time as well. We are currently on the beginning side of a thirteen week series on doctrine and last week we talked about Revelation, how God has chosen to reveal himself to humanity. The main focus of my message was on Christ revealed through the scriptures. It so happened that the week following a very gracious shipment of ESV Bibles was given to us from our friends at Crossway Publishers. Now with the Bibles in the hands of our people I wanted to take a very brief moment to explain why we are using the English Standard Version.

I could expound on but I figured that I would give you the ability to hear from faithful Christian men who have bore much fruit and have been proclaiming the gospel for a much longer time that myself. So I have included a couple of links that I believe you will be well served with.

Many will ask “what’s the big deal about using a certain bible translation?” Because Jesus said every letter in the Bible has been divinely placed, not just every idea. If he says that much attention has been given to it from God, then there should be a great amount of focus given to it on our end as well. As someone who personally steps in front of God’s people on a week to week basis and cracks open his Bible and yells a lot at people regarding what it says, I want to make sure I am reading from the best word for word translation there is.








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