What does the sun, you and I, the mountains, the birds and magnesium all have in common? They were all created from nothing. This is the doctrine of Ex-Nihilio. The word created implies that there was a creator, a master designer or architect working and fashioning everything together in all creation. What is still even more amazing is that scripture tells us everything that our eyes behold and can not behold was created in six days.

This Sunday we will be talking about the Doctrine of creation, that God made everything. Many will ask, “what is the alternative to believing in creation”? Secular scientist will tell you that there are many options that you can study and believe in. Paul, who wrote the book of Romans under the influence of the Holy Spirit says there is only one alternative, to believe the lie. What happens when we refuse to believe the truth and instead believe the lie? We will be answering this question and many more tomorrow at City on a Hill.

City on a Hill meets at the 180 Fitness Center in Statesboro Georgia from 10:00 – 11:30 AM on Sunday mornings. We hope to see you there!

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