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This past Sunday at City on a Hill we looked at how the Trinitarian God of the bible has chosen to disclose himself to us, the creator to the created. We said that the most clear revelation of God is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Where do we go to get the most clear revelation of Jesus Christ? The scriptures.

For this reason, City on a Hill holds the authority of the Bible is high regards and it is always with great joys that we crack open our bibles every Sunday to behold Jesus written on the pages of all the scriptures.

A couple weeks ago, I made a phone call to Crossway Press. Crossway is the group that publishes the ESV Bible, which we read from. It is the most accurate word for word literal translation available today. I will have a posting on why the ESV bible is the one that we utilize at City on a Hill later this week, but all you need to know is that if you are looking for a good bible, look no further than the ESV. In addition to this, their ESV study wonderful. In short, I can not recommend this translation enough you.

You and I live at a unique time. It is a time where there are more left handed people, more cats, and more texans than there are evangelical Christians in the world. Biblical literacy is at an all time low and people simply do not esteem the scriptures as they ought. This problem exist for many reasons, one of them being that people simple have been picked up a bible and decided to read it.

During my phone call with crossway press I mentioned that we were starting a church and that we were really in need of some bibles and that we wanted to be able to give bibles away to those who did not have them and became new Christians. A gracious man on the other end of the line asked me how many we needed. My first thought was “a ton” because however many I am given I will be sure to give away. I told him 150 thinking that he would be playing the part of a wise and frugal business man and counter with “we have twenty”. Rather he simply said O.K. and even paid for the shipping of 150 free ESV bibles and sent them on their way to the church office.

This afternoon a UPS truck pulled up to my house carrying more boxes than the average wealthy kid gets a Christmas, all filled with bibles. I admit that when I was cutting into the boxes I was expecting to see paperback, torn and bent bibles. I was terribly wrong. Crossway has sent us some of their best stuff, leather bound bibles in every format you could possibly image (large letter, small letter, study bibles, student bibles, children’s bible, etc). I was truly speechless. The simple economic value of these books is easily over $4,000. But something like this incredible act of generosity can not have a value sign placed upon it. They are giving words of life, the revelation of God. God’s word to man.

I am so excited that we have been given the great opportunity to give away the greatest book that has ever been given. City on a Hill has a great friend in Crossway Press.

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