Revelation: God Speaks

This past Sunday we began our thirteen week teaching series on “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe“. Last week we talked about the Trinity, who God is. We can not answer any other questions or discuss any other doctrine until we have first answered this one question, who is God.

This week we will be looking at Revelation, how God has chosen to reveal himself to you and I. The thought of this alone is inspiring and good, that there is a God who exist that has chosen to disclose himself to us because he wants to be known. The question is, how has the trinitarian God of the Bible chosen to reveal himself to us.

We will be answering this question and many more along this same train of thought as we particularly look at the person and work of Jesus and the Holy Bible.

City on a Hill is currently meeting at the 180 Fitness Center here in Statesboro on Sunday at 10:00 AM.

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