Doctrine Series

This Sunday, September 1st, we will be beginning a new, thirteen week teaching series entitled “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe“. It is our attempt to take the thirteen biggest ideas throughout scripture and teach on each of them. I must admit, that in my ten years of teaching, I have never been as excited to preach as I am now and the months to come.

Why is studying doctrine so important some of you might ask? Very simply put, what we believe effects our entire lives. It effects the lens that we look at the world through, it effects how we process our thoughts, it effects how we feel and ultimately how we act and respond. For this reason, believing the right thing should been of keen importance.


Making too much of theology and nothing of Jesus

This is a common error made by young believers and those who tend to be very studious. You might have met someone like this in your life at one point. This type of individual tends to be all about information but has seemingly never been transformed by the grace of Jesus. They read lots of books. They can quote some well known dead theologians and spend great amounts of time with their noses in books, but their lives have not been transformed by the grace and power of Jesus. It is the classic case of being so close to the tree that you can not see the forrest.

We do not want to study doctrine this way.

Making too little of theology and not knowing Jesus

Growing up I had a leader in my life who told me that theology was not important and that I should not give much of my time to it. I took this persons instructions and suffered for it. Theology is the study of God. Good theology is rooted in scripture. You can not study theology without studying the bible in great detail.

As Christians, we should have a deep innate desire know Jesus more and more and more. Those who neglect to study the scriptures as a student suffer because they ultimately do not understand who the Lord is.  The result is we get caught up in the things of life, asking ourselves questions that simply do not matter. Jesus had this to say.

“Your mistake is that you don’t know the scriptures, and you don’t know the power of God” Matthew 22:29


We want to know God! We want to know more about the one who saved us, who has given us new life. We believe he is good and we want to explore his goodness more. We believe he is all powerful and all-knowing, and we want to study his sovereignty so that we would fear him as we should. We want to study God so that we can better worship him with our lives vibrantly!

“Theology should always lead to doxology (worship), Doxology should always be informed by good theology. Theology that does not lead to doxology is dead orthodoxy. Doxology that is not informed by good theology is idolatry. Both extremes dishonor God. The greatest commandment that was laid out was this…

““The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:29-30

We are studying doctrine with the goal to be better worshippers. It should be invigorating as we study. It should be breathing new life into us as Jesus’ people. We are very excited to get this underway and we want to be sure to invite you to join us!

September 1st- Trinity: God is     September 8th; Revelation: God Speaks     September 15th- Creation: God Makes     September 22nd- Image: God Loves     September 29th- Fall: God Judges     October 6th- Covenant: God Pursues      October 13th- Incarnation: God Comes     October 20th- Cross: God Dies        October 27th- Resurrection: God Saves     November 3rd- Church- God Sends     November 10th- Worship: God Transforms     November17th- Stewardship: God Gives     November 24th: Kingdom: God Reigns

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