Joseph “Providence & Process” Week#9: Blessings, Death, & King Jesus

There is one thing that every person (exempts a select few) throughout human history will have to face, it is the one thing that many fail to plan for as well. That is death. One day you are going to die, just like everyone else who has ever lived.

In this section of Genesis (49 – 50) we are looking at Jacob on his deathbed in his final moments. He assembles all of his twelve sons. To some of his sons he gives a beautiful prophesy while to others he shares hard words and his disappointments. Jacob then gives instruction to his sons regarding what they are to do with his body following his death, and then he dies.

The brother mourn. Egypt mourns.

Jacob is taken to Canaan to the place he asked to be buried, and was placed inside the ground.

But the story does not end there. Death is not the end for the believer. Jacob awoke to a glorious sight, King Jesus.

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