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Joseph is a man who had a plan, and the Lord blessed him and in turn blessed the world. The lesson is simple, men who have a plan are a blessing, and men who do not have a plan are a curse.


You get mid way through Genesis 47 and see how all of Joseph’s hard work, faithfulness, patience and planning pays off in that his family has come down to live with him. Joseph has a plan that not only brought well over 100 family members down from Canaan, but also a plan to settle them, provide for them and give them a living.

Many of the commentators applaud Joseph’s maturity and resourcefulness in his ability to care for his entire family, especially after they have sinned against him in the manner in which they did. Do you not find it odd though, that out of twelve brothers, only one of them had a plan to save the family. When the family was living back in Canaan, all the men were starving to death, but not a single guy had a plan to save him, his house or his family.

“When Jacob learned that there was grain in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why do you just keep looking at each other?”- Genesis 42:1

If men are to succeed, then men need to have a plan.


Joseph was a man who had Jesus and had a plan. Joseph’s plan began with Jesus, and then moved towards saving others as Jesus does. Joseph is a righteous man and other men should follow his example. Men, your plan should begin with Jesus. If your plan does not start with Jesus, it ultimately ends away from Jesus. Your plan should begin with Jesus and then it should move to others.

Joseph did not just have a vague plan, it was very detailed and it was very mapped out. His plan required a high level of organization and man power. His planning allowed the nation of Egypt to not only endure hard times but to profit immensely and save many lives. Men you need a plan. Your plan should answer some detailed questions such as “what has the Lord called me to do? How will I pursue this? Where do I want to finish in life? What kind of home do I want to live in? What kind of school do I want to send my kids too? What kind of car do I want my wife to drive?

These type of detailed questions are necessary for building a life for you and others and leading your family. Men build lives and then by the grace of God insert children into them and lead them. If you do not have a plan you will fail, and if you do not have Jesus whatever your plans may be, they mean nothing.


Pharaoh is a man who had a plan, even though it was given to him through Joseph. Because he followed the plan and executed it well Pharaoh was blessed. In the latter part of Genesis we see that Pharaoh became possibly one of the most wealthiest men who ever lived. This meant that Pharaoh was driving a nice pimped out chariot. This means that Pharaoh was eating steak many nights of the week with some really good red wine. This means that Pharaoh was living in a really nice house and was setting up his kids well for generations to come.

There was one problem. Jesus was not a part of Pharaoh’s plan.

Pharaoh ultimately dies. Pharaoh ultimately stands before God and is judged for his sin, and because Jesus was not at the center of his plan, he spent eternity away from Jesus.

Many men are great planners. They have their whole lives mapped out and are executing their life plan with an enormous amount of precision, but Jesus is not a part of it. Planning is good and you should do it, but if Jesus is not at the center of it, it’s value is empty.

Don’t be like Pharaoh.


Joseph’s brothers were Old Testament Christians. These guys worshipped the God of the Bible, even though they had a rough start. These guys went on to become the twelve tribes of Israel. Even though they loved Jesus, they had no plan. Eternity is seemingly set for them but they, along with their wives and children would have all died in the dessert had Joseph not shown forgiveness and compassion towards them.

You can be a very well intentioned, God worshipping man but if you are not doing anything you are going to perish and so will those who follow in your path. Do not be like Joseph’s brothers.


The Egyptians did not worship Jesus and they had no plan. The result is that the Egyptians who were living off the fat of the land had nothing to eat when the famine struck because they did not plan for a day when the fields did not produce. Low and behold, they did not produce for seven years. So they needed a Savior. Who do they turn to? Pharaoh. Many will say that they turned to Joseph, and this is true as well. But who is Joseph working for? Pharaoh. Joseph is still a slave to Pharaoh.

They need someone to save them from hunger, so they begin to make sacrifices to their new God by giving him their live stocks in exchange for food. When that food runs out then they offer themselves and their land to their new God so that he will feed their bellies. Do not be like the Egyptians.


Jesus has a plan for you. His plan is himself.  Jesus answered, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”- John 14:6

Jesus’ plan for you begins with himself and then moves to others. This is Joseph’s example and it is a good one for men to follow.

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