Women & Planning

We are currently in the middle of a ten week series on the life of Joseph that covers the final thirteen chapters of the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Genesis an amazing account of how God intervenes in mens lives and sets them straight. These men then become God fearing men and later end up becoming fathers. A great deal in Genesis is spent focusing on the relationships between sons and fathers.

This past Sunday we discussed the importance for men to have a plan for life. If men do not have a plan then they will fail miserably and all those who are attached to that man will suffer as well. Men should have a plan long before a woman comes into their lives because men are building a life for the wife and for their children. When the woman joins the man, she is agreeing with his plan, trusts that he is able to execute it and then follows him as it is played out. The idea is simple, men lead.

Some will say that this is chauvinistic. By secular standards it is, by biblical standards, this is Godly. The Bible places a very special emphasis on the men because men lead.

Does this mean that women are held in any less value or importance than the man? By no means. Men and women are equal yet different and therefore hold different roles in marriage. The big question here is this, if men lead and women follow, and having a plan is very important, what should be included in the woman’s plan?


A women’s plan should begin and end with Jesus. The first and most important question a woman should ask herself when developing a plan for life should be this, “Do I love Jesus? Do I fear the Lord?” There can be nothing more important in developing a plan than asking yourself these questions. The reason is very simple. Everyone in life tends to plan for everything except death. Following death you will stand before Jesus. What will your relationship with Jesus be like on this day. A good plan for life and death, the only plan for life and subsequent death is Jesus. (Proverbs 9:10; Matthew 22:36-38)


The second most important decision you are going to make in life apart from who you are going to worship is “who are you going to marry.” What most women tend to do is marry men that they love. This is not a bad thing as you should love the man you marry. A more important question you need to ask yourself when choosing a spouse is not “do I love him”, but “do I respect him”? If you do not respect him then you should not marry him and you should not even go out on a second date with him. I would encourage ladies to interview the men you date and to kick off the interview with two questions. The first question is “tell me about Jesus and what he means to you.” If he is unsure of who Jesus is and you do not feel that this man will shepherd you understanding the bible as loving Jesus, then run away. The second question you want to ask is “What is your plan?” If he does not have a plan or you do not like his plan then run away.

Too many women marry men out of affection but they do not respect him and ultimately feel like they can fix him. This never goes well. You need to ask yourself, “Is this the kind of man that I want my future children to grow up to be like?” (Proverbs 14:26; Proverbs 20:7)

Ladies if your plan begins with Jesus it will also end with Jesus. If you are blessed to find a Godly man with a plan who God brought you to his attention, you do well and likely finish well. However, if you have a great plan and it lacks Jesus at it’s center, and if you marry a man who’s plan also does not include Jesus, you will be destined for miserable failure.

Love Jesus, and follow a Godly man ladies. This is a good plan.

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