Matt Chandler on “The City” Software

We are a church plant that is just getting started. Nevertheless there are two things that we desire to do really well. First, is our Gathered Worship service that takes place on Sunday. Here we make much of Jesus through the preaching of the word and the singing of song. The second thing that we hope to do really well is community groups. This is our scattered worship, where we gather at various places across the city to grow in our knowledge and understanding of scripture as well as our practical application it as well.

To assist us in creating a true sense of community we are introducing a very special social networking software made specifically for City on a Hill called “The City”.

This past Sunday (June 7th) we had a soft City launch. If you attended City on a Hill and used the Kiosk to check your children into City Kids, then you should have received a special invite to be a part of The City. This upcoming Sunday we will be conducting a full launch and have active enrollment to the city.

We understand that some of you have some questions regarding why the city exist. In short, it gives us a place to practice our five values (worship, community, gospel contextualization, service & discipleship) on a day to day basis in a very networked environment.

We have attached a video above of Matt Chandler, the lead Pastor of the Village Church in Flower Mound. In this short video, Matt tells us how the city served his local congregation well. We look forward to seeing you on the City.

Photo on 6-11-13 at 9.22 AM

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