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For the past two weeks we have been looking at how the invisible providential hand of the Lord has been alongside and in front of the life of Joseph. Joseph is a great encouragement to you and I that despite our environment and sin that has been committed against us, the Lord is still with us, directing us and working things out for our good, his glory and the saving of many lives.


We will be in the latter chapters of Genesis for the next eight weeks. This is a great book and narrative for us at the moment. Genesis means, “beginnings”. City on a Hill is in its genesis as we are just starting out.  We are seeing how the invisible providential hand of the Lord is going before us and preparing for the church for God’s intended purposes. We are in a process like Joseph.


On September 1st we will begin a three month (12 week) teaching on Christian Doctrine. I know this is not sexy, and appealing to the masses at large. I am sure that anyone who has ever written a book on church planting would advise me against bringing out this type of material right now. Our immediate goal here is to help people know and understand the God of the Bible as he is revealed to us in scripture.

An overwhelming percentage of Christians do not feel that understanding theology and doctrine is terribly necessary. They say such things like, “Christianity is all about relationship”. This is true, but it is our doctrine which comes from scripture that reveals to us who we are in relationship with and how that relationship works. The result of better understanding our theology and doctrine is we better understand who the Lord is, and how he works in our relationship and the world at large. This in turn fosters greater gratitude towards the Lord.

This will ultimately prepare us to formalize our membership process at City on a Hill.


At the same time we begin our teaching on Doctrine, the children will be starting their own curriculum called Lost and Found. This is theology and doctrine geared towards age appropriate kids groups. The program is vertical in fashion, meaning it is age based and vertically aligned. This means that even though kids are broken up into different age groups, they will all be learning the same material on a week to week basis.

In addition to our kids learning big biblical truths that we pray the Lord will use to shape their lives (Proverbs 22:6) we are also preparing them at a very young age to enter into and engage with the church body as a whole. A large part of the City Kidz experience on Sunday is “community”. In every classroom there is both a teacher and a community group leader. Every week, the children will have a chance to share and apply what they have been taught.

It does not just end there. Every week, the parents will be receiving a special follow-up email from their City Kidz teacher immediately after their child is checked out. In the follow up, the parents will be able to see what their child learned at City Kidz and will also be given some family questions and mini-lessons that they can share with their family through out the week.

This will also begin on September 1st. It is exciting to think that the first week in September everyone in the entire City on a Hill Church will be learning the same material.


City on a Hill is all about one person. Jesus! It is about knowing Jesus more. Loving Jesus more. Sharing Jesus more. We believe that the central figure of the Bible is this one man and that what he did in his short 33 years on earth changed everything.

We will be doing a three month teaching series on Jesus entitled “It’s All About Jesus” beginning on January 5th 2014. This series will carry us all the way through to the end of March, right up to Easter. You have questions about Jesus. This series seeks to answer those question and to give us a clear revelation of Jesus as clearly seen in scripture.

At the same time we will begin to publicly let others know that we are here in the city and will be actively inviting those in the city to come and hear about Jesus.


I am humbled by all that the Lord has done in a just a couple weeks time. Much has already taken place, but their remains much more work to do. If you are interested in being a part of the City on a Hill family, we would enjoy having you. We are holding services Sundays at 10:00 AM. We are currently meeting in the 180 Fitness Center in Statesboro (4A College Plaza). Feel free to join and just check us out. We are also having an information meeting on July 14th @6:00 PM to answer any questions that you may have regarding the church, its origins and its direction.

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