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One question that I seem to get asked more often than others as we are planting a church is, “What are you focusing on immediately”? It is a great question. At City on a Hill we are focusing on doing two things really well, not just now, but for a very long time. The first item of attention for us is our gathered worship service. This is where we come together in a large group and sings songs to Jesus, where we preach about Jesus from the Bible, and we gather under Jesus as our senior Pastor. How do we do this well as a church plant? We try to utilize every resource we have been given and steward it for the glory of the Lord.

The second thing we are really focusing on is our scattered worship. This is when everyone leaves our meeting place (180 Fitness) and goes off to live their life for the glory of Jesus seeking to serve and bless the city. Worship is not something we come to church on Sunday to do, but something we come to church on Sunday doing. Scattered worship is how we both live as missionaries and citizens, and how we function as a family.

One of the core things that identifies City on a Hill is the fact that we are a family. Not like a union, or a group of friends on a job together, but an authentic family. One of our core values springs out of this identity, and that is community. We believe that the family of God is to help foster and create gospel centered, transformational communities.

Most churches only exist on a Sunday to Sunday basis. Some try to create this sense of community by doing life groups (some call them cell group, community groups, etc)but many of them just wind up being another event in the week that people go to, and then leave. Having gospel centered, transformation communities does not come easy, it takes a lot of time and commitment, but it is worth it. The question always exist, how do we do this?

I am not advocating that we all move into a compound tougher, grow our own food and only bath once a week for the sake of us living together in community, but I do think we need to put some serious effort into being community minded. Paul makes it very clear for the church that this is something we are not to neglect (Hebrews 10:25). Thankfully, technology has developed in such a way that can assist us in this area.

Everyone has a Facebook account these day. However, just because someone has 600+ friends does not mean that they are actively involved in any real form of community. Social networking will never replace real, one on on (or group) relationships. They can however help to supplement them.

We have recently purchased a piece of software called “The City”. It is essentially a social networking site custom built for the local church to assist in supplementing the community that exist inside the church. It gives families (old and new alike) a better opportunity to connect , develop relationship and plug into the community of a church. We are currently building the back end of our City and will be launching it on Sunday July 14th.

We have attached a video for those who are wondering how this software will work and play into our community at large. If you have any questions regarding how you can get plugged into the City on a Hill community please email me and If you are interested in attending one of our gathered worship services, we would really enjoy having you. We are currently meeting at the 180 Fitness Center at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings.

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