Jesus Loves His Church

Yesterday City on a Hill had its first gathered worship service. It was a grace filled morning complete with songs being sung to Jesus, words being preached about Jesus, and people gathering under Jesus. It was a morning I will always remember as a gracious blur of the Lords providence.

As people began filing into our meeting space, I looked out from a high vantage point overseeing our foyer (a large gym full of equipment) and saw a steady stream of cars pulling into the lot, people being greeted, children excitedly hopping to their class room. It served as a great reminder of a truth that I need to hold onto as a Pastor. This is Jesus’ church, and he loves it. He has a plan for it.

I realized as the families begin filing into the room that there was an exponential difference in the amount of work I had done compared to the amount of people that should be there. Jesus has gone before us, and he continues to do so.

We wanted to enclose a short video excerpt from the first message. As you watch it gives you an idea of our meeting place, our beginnings, our genesis if you will. Remember it please. Because the Lord has City on a Hill in a process. One day we will look back to this day and celebrate the goodness of the Lord and all that he has done and the distance he has brought us, and others who were not yet here.

Photo on 6-11-13 at 9.22 AM

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