First Sermon

It has been an incredibly busy three weeks. All the work that goes into setting up a church to simply get the most basic things in a functioning order reminds me of moving. Amidst the busy work, we have been incredibly encouraged at the providential hand of the Lord being revealed throughout the whole process of starting City on a Hill.

Last night I finished the first sermon that will be preached at the church. For years I have been wondering what this message would be, and my curiosity has grown all the more over the past couple months. I am always blown away by what the Lord reveals through his word and how applicable it is to our context, but I must say that on this occasion it is was overwhelming, in a wonderful grace filled/hope inspiring kind of way.


For the next four weeks, we will be looking at a fascinating man named Joseph. You might remember him as he comes from a pretty influential redneck kind of family. His great grandpa was Abraham (..I will make you into a great nation) and his dad was Jacob (the greatest trickster who ever lived). This is possibly one of the godliest men of the entire Bible and he is a very important character to look at and study.

You would think because of his godliness and integrity that such a man would be well taken care of. Quite the opposite. He was sold as a slave by his brother, his father was made to believe that he had died and no longer had a son. He was told lies about and had false charges brought against him. He spent the best part of his live in prison wasting away, yet through it all he never doubted the Lord.

Why? Why would the Lord allow someone to go through such hardships and endure such a process? Why do we as individuals have to endure such hardships in life? It all gets summed up in this amazing verse that we will be sharing on Sunday.

Ultimately, this passage we will be reading will be pointing to a man who was far greater than Joseph. Was Joseph a good man? Yes he was. But good men ultimately die and then they cease to be any good to anyone else. Jesus was the best man who ever lived. The story of Genesis ultimately points up forward to the man Jesus.

We invite you to come out with us on Sunday morning to the 180 Fitness Center in Statesboro Georgia at 10:00 AM as we begin our study in Genesis 37, the end of the beginning of all things and the start of a new church.

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